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Crisostomo offers you a global solution, as we are an auctions recognized logistic management company -transport & storage- for artworks, paintings, sculptures and antiques in whole Spain and Europe.

Take into account the previous background, an auction house is able to guarantee the art buy & sale delivery chain arrives customer home by a specialized partner.

empresa transporte domicilio compra subasta arte

We do the art auctions transport in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, San Sebastian or Toledo in Spain; countries as France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherland or United Kingdom (UK) in Europe, in addition to Asia, United States or Middle East.

So if you have done a painting, sculpture or antique auction purchase or acquisition and you require an artworks transport specialized logistic company, we take care of art picking up & home delivery in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Milan, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin or Genoa.  

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