Montaje de Exposiciones
Exhibitions Stage Company

Exhibitions Stage Company

Art and Cultural Exhibitions Production & Installation

Crisostomo Transports is a company focus on exhibitions installation and stage in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, San Sebastian, Valencia, Malaga, etc.

We focus our work on vinyl, addressing, methacrylate and woodwork production to artistic stage and exhibitions installation in architecture, art, painting, sculpture or picture exhibitions, even included for seasonal or temporary periods.

We have a specialised technological equipment (gantry crane, freight elevator and technical platforms) to guarantee and secure the exhibitions transport, setup and installation process for arts, paintings and sculptures in museums.

As value added, we offer an expert end to end process service to advise, stage and produce for fairs, collections, showings and art exhibitions, for instance; artworks presentation auctions to sell them in Madrid and Spain.

Eventually, we have a specialised team to design, manufacturing, building, production, installation and stage in commercial stands for fairs, congresses, events and companies & museums exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Bilbao, etc. We do services to whole Spain.

Art Exhibitions Installation & Stage in Museums and Collections

We are specialist in the arts exhibitions production, setup and installation in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville or San Sebastian museums, included the shipment and transport.

Exhibitions, Cultural showings and Events Production & Installations

We do private or institutional culturals showings and exhibitions manufacturing, production and installation in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Toledo, Valladolid etc, in Spain.

Commercials Stands Production and Installation for Fairs and Exhibitions

We offer a qualified service in production & installation for commercial and sale stands in companies fairs, events, congresses or exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville or Valencia in Spain.


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