Arts Packagings and Boxes

Arts Packagings and Boxes

Packaging Production & Selling for Arts Transport

Crisostomo Transports is devoted to art world from its beginning as company, we are focused on special packagings manufacturing to transport, movement and moving for arts, paintings, sculptures, antiques, religious objects, etc.

Even being big sizes packagings, we do customized building and boxes & packaging selling to transport any artistic work, painting and/or sculpture.

In our facilities and with all kind of qualities (cardboard box, wood, metal and aluminium) we are able to create & produce any transport packaging for artworks, paintings, sculptures, antiques, religious objects, etc. and we send them to any place in Spain -Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Majorca, Toledo, la Corunna, etc.- with our highest quality and supplied with highest security systems as impact & movement devices in our artworks boxes or packagings.

So, if you require to buy or rent a package or box  to transport any art,  sculpture,  painting or valuable object, you will find a specialised company in artworks packaging production, to send it by air (aircraft), sea (ship) or road transport to any place in Spain, Europe or the rest of the World.

Art Boxes & Packaging Production

We are focus on packaging or wood special boxes production to the movement, transportation and shipment of the artworks, paintings, sculptures, antiques, delicated objects, religious, etc.

Art Boxes & Packaging Selling

We do special boxes and metallic & wood packagings selling to transport and movement the artworks, paintings, sculptures, antiques, delicated objects, valuable objects, etc.

Art Boxes & Packaging Rent

We offer metallic special boxes (flight case way) and packaging rent as option to transport and movement for artworks, sculptures, delicated objects, antiques.

Packaging and Special Boxes

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